Today i was reading parts of the paper and got to the comics…I think I have remained quiet long enough about the poor quality of comics in general, so at long last, here is my critique in order of how they are formatted in the Duluth News Tribune:

1.  Dennis the Menace-I’m just sick of Mr. Wilson…if I was him, I would call DCFS (Department of Child and Family Services)and have Dennis taken to another home where he would get disciplined a little.

2.  Family Circus-Sometimes slightly funny, but usually is just meant to be cute.  For example, today Billy is looking at a clock saying, “How come a quarter is worth 25 cents, but a quarter of an hour only 15 minutes?”  Oh, Billy, it’s funny that you are young and do not understand fractions.  I’m sorry, I don’t see humor in that.

3.  B.C.-I have never seen one that’s funny; they are either puns, play on words, or jokes that simply are not comical. 

4.  Garfield-I enjoy Garfield; I think it is one of the few worth keeping around.

5.  Blondie- Dagwood is a lazy pile that only wants to eat, the kids never age yet follow current trends, and the wife’s catering business is going nowhere fast.

6.  Judge Parker, Gil Thorpe, Rex Morgan-These aren’t even meant to be funny.  I never understood soap opera comic strips.  Comic Strips should be funny and these are about affairs and winning baseball games…I don’t want to read about an affair when I’m eating cereal, I want to laugh.  Also, how long must it take for a story line to develop when you have three frames a day?  It takes Day of Our Lives 10 weeks to get throw Marlena being possessed by a demon or kidnapped by Stephano, I can’t imagine how long it must take in a comic strip.

7.  Funky Winkerbean-Used to be great, but every time I open it now someone is in Afghanistan, Funky’s a raging alcoholic at AA meetings, that is just depressing.  The comics should be a break from depressing news not a reinforcement.

8.  Peanuts-I’m sorry for you peanuts lovers, but while it may be cute, nostalgic, and even sad sometimes, it is not funny.  I remember in Elementary school going to the library and running to the section to see if Garfield was still there…it was always gone, but you could check out any Peanuts book you wanted, because no one wanted them.

Well, this is getting too long.  Anyone disagree/have a comic strip to add?




5 Responses to “”

  1. trixie717 Says:

    I like Peanuts, but mostly for nostalgia purposes.
    I do looove Garfield though. Did you ever watch the Garfield and Friends cartoon on Saturday mornings? It was my favorite one.
    When are we going to post our favorite Beatles songs lists?

  2. yellowlilly07 Says:

    throw?? did you mean through because that makes so much more sense

  3. thepostman Says: into it. It’s in the reader every week.

  4. SamaraLou_and_Joshtoo Says:

    Oh David, that was a great way to start my Monday morning…I sure did laugh out loud…
    The comic that makes me laugh most frequently is Baby Blues.  Zoe and Hammie are something else!

  5. conditioned_response Says:

    a few things:
    there’s this site that has garfield cartoons without garfield’s thought bubbles (so it looks like he’s not actually saying anything, which is the case in “reality” anyway). this, in my opinion, makes the comic far more humorous. it becomes about a sad, crazy person who only talks to his cat. try this some time.
    peanuts was actually funny way back in the day. it used to be really esoteric and kind of depressing.
    ps: nice beatles list, by the way.

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