My Top Ten Beatles Songs

While this was very difficult (almost like picking your favorite child), I came up with a list of my top ten favorite Beatles songs , starting with my honorable mention list:

You Never Give Me Your Money, Yes it Is, Blackbird, Honey Pie, Across the Universe, Norweigan Wood, Nowhere Man, The Long and Winding Road, Til There Was You, Twist and Shout, and Yesterday.  Here is my list.

10.  Let it Be-While overplayed enormously on the radio, it still has one of the best melodies ever written by McCartney.

10 (tie).  She’s a Woman- Kind of a random older Beatles song, but for some reason, I love it.  Check it out.

9.  I’ve Just Seen a Face- Recorded on the same day as Yesterday, another McCartney classic, not as well known although I’m not sure why not.

8.  For No One- A great McCartney song on Revolver (I think).  ALso has a great french horn solo in the middle by Alan Civil.

7.  A Day in the Life- Probably the best example of Lennon and McCartney fusing two songs together.  It’s great, especially the orchestral climaxes in the middle.

6.  Lady Madonna- I love the saxophone solo on this song and the fact that it isn’t on any of the albums, but was released as a single.

5.  I’ll Follow the Sun- Just amazing.

4.  Hey Jude-Written by Paul to John’s son Julian when John and his first wife were in the process of their divorce b/c of Yoko (homewrecker and bandwrecker, good work Yoko).  I think it’s one of the few McCartney songs where the lyrics match the melody.

3.  In My Life-Disputed which actually wrote it.  Because of the lyrics, I credit it to John.  I love the piano solo, the lyrics, and everything about this song.

2.  I Will- Paul wrote this while in India with the Maharishi.  This one is just barely under number one.

1.  Golden Slumbers-The story goes that Paul was going through an old jazz standards book when he found this song.  Since he can’t read music, he just made up a melody to the words written in the book and came up with what is, what I consider, the best song.

I realized after I made this that I made a top ten list of Beatles melodies, not necessarily songs.  IF I was to look at lyrics too, I think Nowhere Man, You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away, and more Lennon stuff would be on the list.  But that’s what kind of mood I was in.

Anyone take issue with what I picked/want to add to it?  Amy, your turn.


5 Responses to “My Top Ten Beatles Songs”

  1. datreehouse Says:

    elonor rigby…spelling?  this is one of my faves and you gave it the cabosh

  2. yellowlilly07 Says:

    thats hilarious you say john and paul as if you guys are best friends

  3. vanillaelvis Says:

    how is the world’s largest fresh water port?

  4. cyclopticcupcake Says:

    have you heard the aretha cover oflady madonna as heard on grace under fire?

  5. SterlingSH Says:

    Something is a GREAT song. There is this R&B artist named Musiq who covered it and its amazing.
    I feel like when men fall in love thats what plays through their heads

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