I read a good book recently called Revolution: A Field Manual to Changing the World.  It once again reiterated all the problems we are facing, especially within Africa.  For instance, 3,500 people die each day due to a HIV/AIDS.  Why should so many people die of a preventable and treatable disease?  Also, 1 out of 7 people don’t have clean water.  Not to mention poverty and hunger. 

It’s hard not to get jaundice about all the problems in the world or to figure out a way to be part of the solution when it seems so huge.  I just see how my church never attempts to even discuss these issues at all.  Why don’t we see these issues as pertinent?  I don’t get it I guess. 


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  1. vanillaelvis Says:

    jaundice is in my blood.

  2. trixie717 Says:

    i made my beatles list. we should make lists of the worst beatles songs!

  3. Fure2006 Says:

    I think missions all depends on which church you go to. My friend goes to a church whose main focus is missions. DGT’s main focus is building strong families–but we still give a lot of money towards missions and DGT’s mission’s budget has increased significantly over the years. If DGT is giving all the effort we have on reaching the community, how much more effort is there to give to other issues? By any means– I’m trying to justify the issue, but I think that is what it comes down to. I do agree fully though, DGT could do a lot more as far as missions work. CGT has such things as mission’s trips for adults and that is something DGT’ers are not familiar with…

  4. conditioned_response Says:

    one of my coworkers, rose berger, has a section in that book. she’s real smart.
    i found it to be pretty ineresting…

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