Bottom 10 Beatles Songs

Picking the top ten Beatles songs was very difficult.  However, I do not believe picking the bottom ten will be quite as tricky.  So, here goes:

Honorable Mention:  Wild Honey Pie, I Feel Fine, A Taste of Honey, All Together Now, Boys, Blue Jay Way, Piggies.

10.  Yellow Submarine-Everyone loves this song, but, a. it’s sung by Ringo, b. it’s got all the annoying sound effects, c. i find it obnoxiously overplayed.  It leads to sing-alongs, which I don’t advise.

9.  Glass Onion- Just a waste of a song on the otherwise solid White Album.  IT seems more like a John song written for the exclusive purpose of keeping the “Paul is Dead” crowd in business (e.g. “Here’s a little clue for you all/the walrus is Paul).

8. Old Brown Shoe-George wrote it, and I can’t believe that it was released on a single with the Ballad of John and Yoko.  It’s like putting ketchup on filet mignon.  I just find it ridiculous.

7.  Mr. Moonlight-I don’t want the Beatles to sound like a barbershop quartet, and in this song they definitely do.  When they were writing such great songs, I just don’t understand why they would waste a cover on this song.

6.  Run For Your Life-Seems to be sung by a sociopath.  “Well I’d rather see you dead little girl than to be with another man…you better run for your life if you can little girl….catch you with another man that’s the end little girl.”  I think it would be better to break up with her than killer her, call me a feminist.

5.  Tomorrow Never Knows-John took words from the Timothy Leary’s Tibetan Book of the Dead to make this song that seems to have seagulls as back-up singers.  I don’t think I’ve dropped enough acid to find this song enjoyable or mind-expanding.

4.  Dizzie Miss Lizzie-I think I hate this song because it follows I’ve Just Seen a Face and Yesterday on Help!.  After those two songs,  it seems like the Beatles take a giant step backward to do this one.  Also, the distortion on the guitar literally makes my ears hurt when listened to at certain decibal levels.

3.  Honey Don’t- Ok, there are very few songs that Ringo leads on that I like, and this one is near the top (See #2).  Ringo singing a Carl Perkins song is like me singing an Aria.  He really can’t sing.  There’s a story that after he left the Beatles and recorded on his own, he had to have people singing just out of microphone range during his vocal recording sessions to keep him in tune.

2.  Don’t Pass Me By- This one has two strikes…First Ringo sang…Second Ringo wrote it.  I’m not a Ringo hater, I just think he should stick to banging on the drums.  This song is just dumb.

1. Revolution #9-Maybe I’m not creative enough to enjoy this.  But, it’s not music.  It’s avant garde BS and that British voice saying, “Number 9..Number 9” gets annoying.  I skip this one every time.


5 Responses to “Bottom 10 Beatles Songs”

  1. cyclopticcupcake Says:

    yes, i will be in europe.i love, love, love dear prudence.petey and i used to listen toaretha singing l.m. at your old apt.

  2. trixie717 Says:

    dizzy miss lizzy is like, the worst beatles song ever. it hurts my ears all the time. whenever it comes on after yesterday, i always say “ew.” and turn it off. in fact, i think i deleted it from itunes on friday.

  3. englishmuffin Says:

    yellow submarine would definitely be my number one on this list. hate it.

  4. Pribs Says:

    I don’t think anyone is creative enough to enjoy Revolution #9, and if they say they are, they’re lying.

  5. cyclopticcupcake Says:

    your comment made me laugh outloud…literally. how’s duluth?

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